Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An exciting weekend

Wondering why I've been so quiet lately?  We've been to Scrapfest!  A group of Hero Arts flickr friends met at the Mall of America last weekend, and we've all just returned home.  I'll warn you now, this is picture heavy.

Most of us arrived sometime on Thursday.  We met up at Starbuck's - Barb brought us all sunflowers!

Sept 13 - Thursday night

There's Virginia, Linda B, Barb, Marcy, Janet, Linda W, Lin, Sheila, and Kathy.

Most of us took classes Friday and Saturday and stood in line for make and takes when we weren't in classes.  Barb had arranged dinners for us on Friday and Saturday nights.  Here's some pictures from Friday night:

Friday night

top row, Linda B, Janet, Marcy, Lin, Linda W, Ava, and Sheila.  Sitting, Kathy, Nancy, Judy, Virginia and Barb.  Virginia is holding her famous Hero Arts sign, which she carries with her when she knows she'll be meeting up with one of us; we all write her a little note on the back as we meet her.  

8 Hero Hosti

This is a group of Hero Hosti (what the Hero Hostesses call themselves): Marcy, Lin, Linda, and Judy standing, and Kathy, Nancy, Virginia, and Barb sitting.  Now here's a candid taken after our Saturday night dinner:

candid Saturday night

Same suspects, but Jennifer joined us that night - she is on the top row, 3rd from the left.  

Here is our support group: my hubby, Denny, Sheila's daughter Bess, Judy's daughter Kathy, and Dr. John, Virginia's hubby.  Dr. John dubbed them the HAHADA: Hero Arts Husbands and Daughters Anonymous!!  They acted as our paparazzi.....

our support group HAHADA

Virginia and Dr. John

Isn't this a sweet shot of Virginia and Dr. John?  And here's one of me and Janet......we spent most of the day together on Saturday doing make and takes.  She is a sweetheart - so glad we had that time to get to know one another better!

Janet (Jintyoo7)

And just one more, a picture of just 5 of us, who have become friends through our common Hosti experience: Marcy, me, Nancy, Barb, and Virginia.

Marcy, Nancy, Barb, Virgina

And, as if all of that wasn't exciting enough, Denny and I got word on Friday afternoon of the birth of our 3rd grandchild, little Owen!!  We were over the moon!

Owen, Sept 14, 2012

And I'll leave you with this beautiful shot of his brother and sister meeting him for the first time:

3 siblings, Sept 14, 2012

We are so very blessed!


  1. Oh, those last two shots gave me goosebumps, Lin! You have such beautiful grands!

    Loved meeting you and Denny at Scrapfest! You're as sweet as they come and I so enjoyed our time together with our wonderful group! Missing everyone now. . . hugs!

  2. Lin, big congratulations again to you and your family! Oh my goodness little Owen is adorable and the photo of him meeting his big brother and big sister is just priceless - they look so happy to meet him! Thanks for sharing your photos from ScrapFest too! What an amazing and fun weekend it must have been!

  3. Ir's so wonderful to see the recap from your blog, Lin! I could not be more happier about meeting you and having dinner together AND hugged you in person over the grandbaby news! CONGRATS! I shall always remember the special time we had!

  4. Lin, such adorable grandchildren. Those curly heads peeking in, so sweet. Thanks for sharing your scrappiest pictures. It looks like it was a lot of fun.

  5. Such fun times Lin! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Congrats on baby Owen, he is just precious. And that last photo...so sweet.

  6. All the pictures are wonderful! Thanks for giving us some insight and glimpses into your life! Fun, fun, fun!!!

  7. Wonderful pictures of scrapfest Lin! I enjoyed having a little time to chat with you on Sunday! Your grandkids are sooo cute!! So happy for your family!!

  8. Happy congrats on this newest little blessing in your family, Lin! He's just adorable.
    What a wonderful time we all had this past weekend. I remember sitting at dinner on Saturday thinking how extraordinary it was that we were all together, I just wanted to take it all in. I only wish you and I could have had more time to chat.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories!

  9. Congratulations Lin to the newest addition to your family! Good to see so many HA Flikr friends together, looks like a good Convention to go to! Love the photo of your support group too!

  10. Such wonderful photos Lin! All the ones of you girls having such a great time at scrapfest and then the darling ones of your grandchildren!! Just priceless!

  11. Oh, what beautiful photos! Love seeing you all together! And congratulations on your new adorable grandson! That last photo is precious! Vanessa x

  12. Thanks for sharing Lin, such beautiful photos of your grandchildren - you are blessed indeed and I'm so happy to see you amongst the ladies and that Denny went with you - how wonderful!!

  13. fabulous Lin. Looks like you had an amazing weekend. And to have it topped off with the birth of that adorable little one. Awesome!!!

  14. Hi, Lin! Great photos!! It's like being there again. What a fun weekend; the best part was meeting everyone. No, the best part is the beautiful new grandbaby! That picture of the three children is priceless!! It all seems like a dream right now ..Hugs.

  15. Blessed, indeed - my heat went a-flutter with those last two pictures! So great you also had special time with so many lovely gals. Great pix!

  16. Congratulations on the safe arrival of Owen! It was very exciting being included on the early announcement of his birth :)

    fabulous photographs LIn, and how special that you posted one of just you and I, I had such a great afternoon with you. Hope you enjoyed the Prima make and take :)

    LOVE the photograph of you and four Hostess sistahs - lovely :)

  17. CONGRATS on your newest grandchild. your pic of the three of them together actually brought tears to my eyes...isnt it beautiful when they first meet. It reminded me of when my two met their baby brother (looks like they were around the same age in the pic as your grandkids). Enjoy your time with them.

  18. Big congrats on your new grandson Lin! The last two photos are so precious.

    It seems that you had a great time at Scrapfest!!!

  19. Just love all your fun ScrapFest photos, Lin! So fun meeting you and Denny in person!! And big congrats on grandson Owen - another precious bundle of joy!!

  20. Lin,
    What fun it looks like you had meeting card crafty friends at Scrapfest. I love all of your cards and enjoy getting them right into my email box. Congratulations on your new grandbaby. What sweet photos. We just had our first this year in June. They are so special!

  21. Wow! Lin you must be just still be beaming with all of your good news recently! Great to see everyone from the Mall trip--and congratulations on the newest grand! So happy for you stamping friend!


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