Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Many of you probably don't know that my husband and I are long-time followers of drum and bugle corps, known as DCI.  Drum Corps are made up of young people, musicians and color guard, who are 21 years old and younger, and their seasons are roughly from April to early August.  We are fortunate to have a corps that calls our hometown its hometown, the Canton Bluecoats.  This year their show is featuring music from the Beatles and as of this writing they are in first place in the rankings, and will hopefully cement that over the next few days as they compete in the Finals in Indianapolis this weekend.

Their music is uplifting and their costumes are bright and happy.  I tried to capture that in my card today, after seeing the Bluecoats perform here last night.  Here's my love letter to them.

The musicians are dressed in various bright blue prints, and the color guard in shades of yellow, gold, orange.  The conductors and a few of the color guard wear various black and white prints throughout the show.

Here's a closer shot to show you that I used some glitter paper here and there across my card (on a few flowers) to capture the sparkle that those uniforms give off under the stadium lights!

If you're interested, here are a few links to get to know our Bluecoats better:
their website
and some YouTube videos

If you're ever able to catch ANY drum corps show, I'd highly recommend it!  And if you hear the crowd yelling "Blooooooooo", you'll know the Blucoats are part of the show!  

Thanks for indulging me today!


Lisa Elton said...

This is perfectly charming and a wonderful tribute to them! I was in a baton and drum corp and member seeing the drum and bugle corps at the National Championships in Notre Dame, what FUN!!

~amy~ said...

gorgeous card and fun about the drum corps.

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

I may be a former Blue Star member and avid supporter but I adore the Bluecoats too! Their Beatles show was particularly engrossing this year and your card captures the colors and movement perfectly!!

Dawn T said...

Beautiful card Lin. The colours are delightful with this flowers. The panel of white spots really makes the flowers pop

kiwimeskreations said...

What a wonderful love letter to your team Lin - it's fabulous!!

RobinH said...

Awesome card, I'm from La Crosse (Blue Stars) and have a friend who has a son with the Colts this summer

I Card Everyone said...

What a gorgeous collections of colorful blooms! What a wonderful tribute to your Bluecoats, Lin! Oh I'd love to see them perform... if you said you were traveling to Indy to watch them, I'd think about coming down to meet you there! Is there a video somewhere of their Beatles performance?

Cat Craig said...

Thanks for the link Lin, how fun. I love watching marching bands, and this is mesmerizing. Good luck to the team.

Your card is a perfect tribute to that performance down to the black and white dots.