Thursday, December 28, 2017

Looking Back at my Favorite Cards from 2017

For many years now I have continued a tradition wherein I revisit my personal favorites of the past year.  I hope you'll enjoy seeing them once again, too - if you need any details, just click on the photo, and you'll be taken back to the original post.  I'm beginning with last January and moving forward in the calendar - you can see the seasons change as you scroll down......let's get started!

TT Sunflower Bunch


Card Concept Lim & Aqua

A Blog Named Hero, 5th Anniversary

TT April 14 Rose Border

Paper Smooches May challenge

SSS June CK#2

Camp Create Day 2

SSS June 21

TT July 7

From My Heart

A Little Dose

SSS Aug2 Splatters

Beachy Wreath

Wood Hello 2

Hello Fall

TT Sept 29

for Yvonne

for Mary Anne

Winter Cheer

SSS Nov 29

SSS Dec 6

Woodland Wreath

Flowers continue to be my first love, followed closely by wreaths, plaid and gingham, and woodgrain planking.  I notice I evidently have retained my love of blues, too, but lots of color for the most part makes me smile when I'm creating.  And I still use a fair amount of printed papers.    

A door closed this year when Tammy Tutterow's Creative Team dissolved.  She is well-represented here, and I will sorely miss the inspiration she and the others on that team gave me.  Comments and visits continue to dwindle, as do the number of my posts compared to years past.  I wonder what will happen with blogging as the future unfolds?  I'm as guilty as anyone of not spending the time I used to visiting blogs, but I truly do think they represent each of us better than the quickie fixes of IG and FB.  The world just keeps spinning faster and faster and we along with it, a sad state of affairs in my opinion......

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and please share a link if you do a similar year-end post.  I send hugs and thanks to my loyal visitors, and wish all of you a Happy, Healthy, and Creative 2018!


  1. What a beautiful collection of cards. I visit many paper crafting blogs, but yours is one of my top 10. Your style speaks to me, and I gain so much inspiration from your sense of design and color. Just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated, and all the best for 2018.

  2. always enjoy visiting your blog, Lin - guess i'm still back in the dark ages 'cause i don't use FB or IG - hard to chose a favorite from all those pretty cards, Lin - think the fantasy floral die cut one is my fave. happy 2018, Lin.

  3. Love these! I've pinned many of them in the past, and CASEd a few. I always love your work, Lin!

  4. Your cards never fail to delight and inspire, Lin. You are very talented. I do hope that blogging continues as I do enjoy it much more than FB. Take care, Jo x

  5. They are all incredible Lin! So many are my favorites from you too. I always enjoy stopping by your blog for the inspiration from your pretty works of art. Happy New Year!

  6. What a beautiful collection of cards. Wish you a Happy, Healthy and creative 2018.

  7. Love your annual fave post, Lin - all beauties & I too enjoy gingham & woodgrain! Looking forward to seeing your creations in 2018!

  8. Love these cards Lin - your style is very distinctive and I love visiting your blog. I still try to get around the blogs, and now life has sorted itself out a bit I am back to doing it, but like you I have had fewer posts this year, mainly because of my personal circumstances. I will do a "12 top cards" post shortly. My blog is

  9. I have used your inspiration on my cards for many years now, Lin, and will continue to follow your blog as long as you have one. I am not a FB or IG fan and am having trouble finding DT work that doesn't require the use of both. Happy New Year!

  10. I've never commented on your blog before, Lin, but have to tell you how much I've enjoyed your cards all year. This post showing your faves has brought back some real beauties to admire. Hope you continue to inspire and have fun with your stamping in 2018. Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Lin, so many of your cards shown here are also among my favorites of your and I am honored to own one of them. You have a deft touch with design and color and its a joy to visit. I have tried to get "into" IG but I simply like blogs better - they feel more personal somehow.

    Sending along wishes for a wonderful New Year and I look forward to your amazing creations in the new year.

  12. Gorgeous cards, so many fun florals! I also did a couple year in review blog posts. Here is the second

    I agree that people are getting less blog visits. I also agree that blogging could possibly stand the test of time better than facebook. I try to keep visiting blogs and commenting when I do.

    However, I also think that there may be too many blog card challenges and that dilute things. Have a great 2018.

  13. You make gorgeous cards, Lin--always inspiring! Don't know how you can pick favorites, but I'm glad you put all of these in one post! My most favorite is the one with From My Heart & I really love the 2 tone die cut words! I so hope blogging doesn't go away. I don't do FB or IG--doesn't make for relationships in my book. Wishing you a wonderful 2018!

  14. Happy New Year, Lin! My favorite is Nr.7 - but as always, your cards are always made with love!

  15. Happy New Year blessings to you mf. All your cards are so wonderfully done and our shared love of blue brings me here often.
    I hear you about visiting others blogs, seems life just gets so busy and time dwindles. I'm still working full time at 50 hrs a week but I do try and sneak in some time in the mornings before all my little kiddos arrive.
    All the best for the New Year and keep inspiring us.
    xx Karen

  16. You are one of my very favorite cardmakers -- I love your clean, well-balanced, beautiful designs. I think it's easier to get a real feel for someone's work and personality on a blog, since you can never be sure whether Instagram is showing you what you want to be seeing at any given time. If you have any kind of professional role, it seems like it's a good idea to have a "home base" to house your work in a way that you have more control over.

  17. All of the above are absolutely beautiful!! I always look at each and every post you have and am guilty of not leaving a comment...I will try my best this year :>)
    I agree about the commenting, I have gotten less and less and I think it is just because we live in such a fast paced world if they could figure out a way when we think 'Wow that is a gorgeous card" to automatically post those thoughts, that would be!! Anyhow I sure hope the blogging stays around as I myself love it, it is such an 'out' to just take you away to a very good place. Anyhow have a wonderful New Year. I have a few of my favorites on my blog (scroll down a little) if you would like to visit!
    Diane {Nellies Nest}


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