Monday, October 5, 2015

MasterBoard Background Building

On World CardMaking Day, Shay challenged us to make a MasterBoard, then divide it up into 4 sections and make at least one card utilizing it.  I don't think I've never done anything like this before, and it turns out, it's fun to do!  Warning, this is a looooooong post!

Here's the MasterBoard I started with, made by stamping a leaf in various distress inks all over an 8 1/2 " X 11" piece of ivory cardstock:

I cut this into 4 equal parts, and then added something different to each panel.  Here are those results:

Now the next step is to take each panel and make it into a finished card.  Here are all of them together:

WCMD Master Board finished cards

And separate shots of each of them:

I used Winnie & Walter's scalloped rectangles from their Audrey Cutaways on this one, and lifted the smaller of the 2 above the card after cutting out the sentiment. 

This is my least favorite of the 4, and I definitely need more practice with partial die-cutting.  I also added some dry embossing to this one and my Winnie & Walter product is their Autumn cutaway from Big, Bold Seasons.

I overstamped the panel with a big wood stamp that has all these words of Autumn, and added W&W's Big, Bold, and Happy cutaway and the word from the Big, Bold Seasons stamp set.

This one stands out from the others because of the blue stencilling I added.  The tag is from W&W's Audrey Cutaways die set.


Thank you, Shay, this was really fun!


  1. Lin, they are all beautiful cards, as for your Autumn partial die cut. I'm not sure why your not keen on it, I reckon it looks brilliant. Works totally for me.

  2. Beautiful set of cards from your Masterboard, Lin!

  3. Fabulous card set Lin. Who would have thought that the blue would look so fabulous with the autumn

  4. Wow! I love the way these turned out. Who knew something so simple could end up having such impact. Gonna try this!

  5. Wow me too, I love it!! They turned out wonderfully!!! Pinning it to CASE!!

  6. These are all so pretty Lin!! I like the first one with the flourishes the best!

  7. Oh Lin these are fabulous - love how each one is totally different, yet with the Masterboard start to them, they could be a set.

  8. Fabulous Lin. It's on my list of challenge to do this week. Just run out of time over the weekend. Love how different all your cards are.

  9. This is such a cool idea - thanks so much for the inspiration! I am going to do this for sure!!

  10. Prettier than actual printed DP :-) What a fantastic way to do a coordinating card set - all so lovely!

  11. What fantastic idea, and beautifully done Lin :-)

  12. Nice job with the masterboard cards, Lin, these are all so pretty!


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