Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Another Charmed Heart

I wanted to play again with my new Charmed Heart dies and felt, and here's the result of a fun afternoon!

supplies: Simon's Charmed Heart dies, my own red and turquoise felt, cream lace and embroidery floss, red buttons

I'm running out of felt big enough to cut out the body of the hearts, so I dug into my stash from eons ago and came up with this red felt from some little craft kit that I never used.  So glad I saved the felt, though.  Then, since it was red, I decided to try and add lace to the edges.  My next problem was finding a 3rd color.  This turquoise was really the only thing that I liked with it - I'm out of white/cream felt, and I didn't have any pinks that worked with that red.    So I kept my color scheme fairly simple this time.

This makes me think of something Southwestern, for some reason.  The lace was fairly easy to attach, but I think you need to use lace that is already gathered on one edge........the other laces I previewed didn't go around the curves very well.  These flower dies are not part of the set - I wanted something a bit bigger.  Therefore, in order to attach them, I used buttons in their centers and stitched them down at one time.

I'd encourage you to give any of these plush stitching dies a try - it's nice sometimes do make something besides a card!  Thanks for stopping by, as always.  


Betty said...

love your felt heart - i think these felt creations are fun too - i made stockings at Christmas and really enjoyed that and agree it's nice to do something besides a card.

Lisa Elton said...

This is lovely Lin!

kiwimeskreations said...

Very pretty Lin - these would make great lavender bags if the dies cut light fabric...

Dawn T said...

Super sweet little project Lin. Very pretty colours

Cat Craig said...