Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog Award

This was given to me by Suze last week, and I've been waiting to make a post about it because I have to list 7 interesting things about myself.  Taking a cue from some of Suze's list, I'll give it a shot:

1.  I played the flute beginning in grade school and all the way through high school. I actually considered becoming a music major, but.....
2.  I was a Math major instead! 
3.  I went to a small college in western Pennsylvania, called Grove City College.  They actually locked the girls in each night, and we had to sign in and out when we went out on dates!  I bet they can't get away with that anymore :)  That said, I'm very proud of my alma mater.  And that's where I met my husband of almost 40 years!
4.  I loved school all the way through.
5.  I grew up with 2 dachshunds, father and son, Fritz and Hans.  My parents and my sister each have toy dachshunds now.
6.  I got to live in Luxembourg (a small country between Belgium, France, and Germany) for a whole year in 1979 - our boys were 2 and 4, and every weekend we'd travel to a different country.  My favorite places to visit were Germany, Switzerland, and Austria (the Alps and the meadows were breathtaking!).  Would love to go back again!
7.  I'm half Scotch-Irish and half German/Hungarian.

Now I'm supposed to pass this along to 7 others, but there are too many blogs that I admire, so I'm skipping that detail.  Thank you, Suze!


  1. You are way ahead of me now, Lin! I've still got to do this twice. I'd better get working on it. . .So fun to learn more about your life! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love to know more about you, Lin (although I know almost all of them, except for the Hans and Fritz! ). Love those German names! About the signing in/out thing, we have curfew in my girls' dorm back in the collage days. It was 11pm (can you believe that!?) I didn't make it in time once or twice!! I survived :)

  3. it's wonderful to read more about you, Lin! do you still play the flute? it must be beautiful! =)

  4. So nice to learn a little bit extra :) Thank you so much for sharing.

    My oldest son was born in Germany and I loved it.

  5. Loved learning new things about you!

  6. Yours really is a beautiful blog Lin and you are a beautiful blogger.... so nice to get to know some new things about you.

  7. What fun facts, Lin! Both my daughters played the flute in high school and I never tire of hearing it!

  8. Wow..that was so fun to read! Thanks for sharing!

  9. It's lovely to get to know more about you, Lin! Thanks for sharing!


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